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We love our nature and what we do. As a sustainable hotel in Tyrol, we have made the conscious decision to serve regional dishes because our homeland is so rich in culinary treasures. The Verwöhnhotel WildSpitze is "Naturpark Kaunergrat" creator and since 2020 "Pitztal regional" partner, as we prefer to buy from local farmers and small producers. 

Environmental protection also plays an important role in other areas. We achieve this by both focusing on regional delicacies, and by implementing measures geared towards sustainability, such as waste reduction. We also cooperate with local producers in the wellness area.


The last big step so far was the entry as a "climate alliance-company" in 2021. In addition to the measures already implemented, work to improve environmental protection and sustainability will continue ambitiously.

Süßspeisen auf Teller angerichtet | Kulinarik Pitztal
Regional Dishes: It simply tastes better!
Nature is the best source, and in our own herb garden our chefs find many good things to refine our regional dishes. In our sustainable hotel in Tyrol you can look forward to self-foraged mushrooms and berries as well as our own Swiss stone pine schnapps from materials that we also collect ourselves. Most of our meat is sourced from our "Pitztal Regional" partners and 80% of our fish is also of Austrian origin.

Our trusted suppliers:

  • Organic eggs from Locherhof, the family of Eva and Josef Wöber (Arzl, Pitztal)
  • Bread from the local baker, the Schranz family (St. Leonhard, Pitztal)
  • Potatoes from the Arzler Erdäpfelkeller, the Zangerl family and Siegfried Neururer (both Arzl, Pitztal)
  • Butter from different farmers in the Pitztal
  • Pitztal Alpine cheese from the Taschachalm (Mittelberg, Pitztal)
  • Lamb, house, and dry sausage from Florian Pfeifhofer (Trenkwald, Pitztal)
  • Veal from Stefan Fiegl (Piösmes, Pitztal)
  • Venison from Matthias Melmer (Enzenstall, Pitztal)
  • Honey from the Genewein family (Wenns, Pitztal)
  • Apple juice and apples from the Wammes family (Haiming)
  • Schnapps from the Geiger family (Fliess, Kaunertal)

Reducing waste is half the victory!


As a sustainable hotel in Tyrol, proper waste separation is a matter of course for us and we strongly encourage waste avoidance. Whether in the kitchen, rooms, or the wellness area, we are equally committed to this goal in all areas. Instead of spreads in small packages, you can look forward to homemade jams, chutneys, and home-baked bread during your holiday in the Pitztal. Instead of paper napkins, we use cloth, and all soap products come from bulk packaging. Furthermore, there is a water carafe in every room to draw attention to our excellent drinking water from the tap.

Nahaufnahme Beautyprodukte | Hotel Wildspitze | 4 Sterne Hotel Mandarfen
Alpienne – feel the power of the Alps!
We value our nature as our origin and source of strength. It makes sense then, that our Glacier Spa in the Pitztal Valley is based on 100% naturally pure active cosmetic products from Alpienne. The wild-growing and wild-cultivated, organic, and plant-based active ingredients give your skin a rich feeling of well-being. From this summer we also offer treatments with the Alpienne facial line.