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Body treatments

Full body honey peeling

25 Mins.

The Alpienne honey peeling clears and soothes the skin, has an anti-bacterial effect and gives you a feeling of fresh and sleek skin. Rough, flaky skin is smoothened and it also gains noticable resistance.

Full body peeling with a firming care pack

50 Mins.

Do something good for your skin and treat yourself to an algae peeling with ground apricot kernels. This stimulates your blood circulation and tightens your deep tissue. Following this you will receive a relaxing pack which moisturises your skin.

Babor Body peeling with wrap

50 Mins.

Activates the breakdown of fat in the cells and inhibits the storage of new fat in the tissue. Improves the structure of the connective tissue. The skin gains firmness and structure, the problem areas appear much smoother and firmer.

Coffee Scrub Peeling

40 Mins.

The "Coffee Scrub Peeling" cleanses your skin and removes old cells, stimulates circulation in the deep tissue and tightens the skin.

Perfect for cellulite (Coffeine stimulates metabolism in the deep tissue) and for sun worshippers (due to the removal of old skin cells, the skin tans more quickly and more evenly).

Back Treatment for Impure Skin

45 Mins.

A special treatment with:
  • Cleansing and peeling
  • Removal of impure skin
  • Healing body mask