at our alpinarium spa

Wellnessanwendungen Barbor - Hotel Wildspitze


Babor designs innovative SPA concepts to provide people with holistic wellbeing. With the expertise of more than 55 years of experience, BABOR translates the secrets of the finest, natural active ingredients in luxury skin care, combining outstanding product quality and active ingredient performance. In highly effective, luxurious treatments, they are an experience and effective beauty treatment at the same time, pampering demanding customers in the world's leading hotel SPAs.


Plants bestow on people particular powers, that is where alpienne has its home. This is where we create natural cosmetics and care products to provide well-being and beauty. The extraordinary quality of our completely natural products is based on our using exclusively natural resources from controlled harvesting in the wild for our production: herbs and plants like arnica, St. John's wort, propolis, marigold and stone pine from their self-chosen, original alpine biosphere where they are able to develop the maximum efficacy. These natural resources are carefully collected by hand by skilled people drawing on their unique, long established experience and are then equally carefully prepared using traditional manual procedures. At every stage, from the collection to the bottling, full consideration is given to the natural polarities such as light and dark, movement and rest, warmth and cold.

Alpienne Anwendungen im Hotel Wildspitze