Skiing & Snowboarding

Ski school Pitztal

It´s never too late to learn how to ski! Our Instructors teach from beginner to advanced, with many tips and tricks up their sleeve to help you to learn the newest techniques. They will make sure that you always feel safe and confident by chossing the perfect terrain for your ability´s. Our Instructors are happy to guide you through our great Ski Area and show you the best Slopes!


Hotel Wildspitze Tirol


Through years of experience and the highest degree of alpine skiing, I show you not only the most beautiful slopes also the best tips and tricks for skiing.


Skiing at the Pitztal Glacier 1.740 m - 3.440 m

  • 3,8 km BLUE - (easy)
  • 16,2 km RED - (moderate)
  • 2,2 km BLACK - (difficult)
  • 22,2 km variants
  • 7 km of high-altitude cross-country trails (between 2.690 m and 2.740 m)
  • Sloping tunnel railway
  • Two Eight-person cable car railways
  • Six-person chairlift
  • T-bar lift
  • Practice lift
  • Magic carpet (conveyor belt) in the children´s playground


Skiing at the Rifflsee 1.680 m - 2.880 m

  • 9,5 km BLUE - (easy)
  • 4,5 km RED - (moderate)
  • 4,4 km BLACK - (difficult)
  • 18,4 km Ski routes
  • 5 km of high-altitude cross-country trails (at around 2.200m)
  • six-person gondola
  • six-person chairlift
  • two four-person chairlift
  • two practice lifts